How does my love for Maximalism translate to real life?

The Prado Ladies

Somehow we always seem to match.  My favorite ladies in the whole world. Boy did we all luck out, not only are we obsessed with each other but everyone’s wardrobe is automatically 3x bigger. This always helps when you are looking for cute outfits to quickly change into for vacation family photo opps. And somehow…

Purple is always my favorite color, except when I am at the beach

A new suit-a-day, keeps the beach critters away!  When my family beaches, they really really beach it. Sand blanket, backpack chairs for (almost) everyone, beach games, speakers, snacks, umbrellas, beach toys, cards, absurd hats and of course more snacks. Oh! And prosecco. Now, imagine packing all of this shit. Luckily my parents, Mimsy Kimsy and Pappa…

Casual Beach Bliss

I apologize ahead of time, I was too lazy to dress up for this vacay.  I am normally that one person in the family who dresses up for absolutely every single event. I love dressing up. I love wearing heels. I love being fancy. I love clothes. I think I even told Chris the other…

I grew up designing clothes in elementary school, dreamed of working for free as an intern at a fashion house, refused to wear flats and longed to travel the world living and breathing fashion….

Now I am just happy to be able to share my love of style to my friends, family and new followers here in Dallas, Tx. Don’t get me wrong, I still swoon over runway shows and vow to stay on top of the next “it” look or print, but my love has become more functional in the past few years. Sure, I am constantly chasing around a toddler, but why can’t I look great doing it? Here, I will be sharing my appropriate, but sometimes drastic, mom looks, workwear and date night outfits inspired by trends and brought to life with my quirky touch.



Not everything I buy is related to or shared in a post…so here you can see real time purchases, favorites and things I have my eyes on!