Purple is always my favorite color, except when I am at the beach

A new suit-a-day, keeps the beach critters away! 

When my family beaches, they really really beach it. Sand blanket, backpack chairs for (almost) everyone, beach games, speakers, snacks, umbrellas, beach toys, cards, absurd hats and of course more snacks. Oh! And prosecco. Now, imagine packing all of this shit. Luckily my parents, Mimsy Kimsy and Pappa Doo Prado, have become expert beach goers and have the whole thing nailed down to a science. Thank goodness someone is adulting on this vacation.

After you get yourself out the door, on the bike and down the path headed to endless waters, you finally let yourself get excited. Excited that you didn’t forget anything but mostly excited to put your toes in the sand and to open your brand new book for some much needed R&R. Rosemary Beach neighborhoods offers easy access to its private beaches and it was less than a two minute bike ride.

The worst thing any beach bum wants to see as they skid to a halt in front of the bike rack is the dreaded purple flag. Dun. Dun Dun. Beach critters. Also known as dangerous marine life. The worst. But what can you do? Act sad but know that you are secretly happy that now you have an excuse to not love going into the beach water? Bah! Not with my family. You can only play cards for so long until you are either dragged (yes dragged, i.e. year of 2009 via Pablo Garza) or challenged to some intense boogie boarding.

Every beach day, purple flag and all, brought on another amazing memory made with family that I would never replace. Luckily, I didn’t get attacked by jelly fish this year, so that is always a plus. I am 99% sure it was because I was unrecognizable in a different suit every day.

Pink Becca one piece here | Similar maxi coverup here and here| Roll-up each blanket here | Tory flats here | Ray-ban Flash Lens Aviators here | Monogrammed beach bag here | Similar striped cinched coverup here |Similar halter bikini top here | Similar striped bikini bottom here | Similar pom-pom cover up here and here | B + W Becca one-piece here | Similar straw hat here | Haviana sling backs here

Photos by: Emilee Prado

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