Jillian has earned accolades spanning retail industries, having worked with giants including Balenciaga, Gucci Group, WWD, JCPenney and Michaels. Her education includes the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design followed by The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she earned a degree in Merchandise Product Development.

While in LA she maintained a freelance career in brand management, design, styling and writing for companies such as WWD, 944, doveink LLC and Envy, before settling down in her hometown of Dallas, Tx as the Women’s Styling Director at JCPenney. Following this role, she led the JCP Fabric Development Team as their Trend Specialist before recently landing at Michaels, Inc as their Trend Manager. During her time at Michaels, she spearheaded the efforts to combine innovative insights and strategy for product, project and blue-sky growth.

Jillian’s passion for innovation and insights has allowed her to create a unique concept-to-consumer strategy for retail agencies. When she is not knee-deep in data, she is championing Diversity and Inclusion amongst corporations, having been Co-Chair at JCPenney and Founder at Michaels of their Women’s Groups. At Horizon Equity Group Jillian will be focused on identifying opportunities and strategies that will drive agency innovation, strategic acquisitional growth and consumer execution through cultural and business trends.

In her spare time, Jillian is the editor of Drastically Appropriate, a Dallas based fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on style, interiors and travel. Here she displays her sometimes drastic, but always appropriate style here as a creative outlet. The brand, founded in 2010, began as a hobby that included freelance writing, fashion styling, event, fashion show and photo shoot productions. Jillian is looking forward to growing her blog following and influencer status when time permits.

Jillian also enjoys playing soccer, running, painting, spending time with her family and drinking prosecco. You’ll often find her brunching on Mexican food with her husband, their 2 year old and their mini pom. And she loves ketchup – high fructose corn syrup and all.

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