Purple is always my favorite color, except when I am at the beach

A new suit-a-day, keeps the beach critters away!  When my family beaches, they really really beach it. Sand blanket, backpack chairs for (almost) everyone, beach games, speakers, snacks, umbrellas, beach toys, cards, absurd hats and of course more snacks. Oh! And prosecco. Now, imagine packing all of this shit. Luckily my parents, Mimsy Kimsy and Pappa…

If I wasn’t in fashion, I would be an interior designed with my mom (and she would probably be my boss)!.

Some of my most vivid memories as a child are watching my mom decorate our homes. I loved watching how precisely she would style an odd number of pieces on the mantel or how each night everything she enjoyed putting everything back into its place, even down to the pillows, with a fresh new karate chop fluff. While we may have drastically different styles (I am currently more French eclectic and she is currently loving a traveled modern farmhouse look), the tips and tricks I have learned along the way have made their quirky ways into my home and I can’t wait to share some of these with all of you!



Includes: random knick knacks and things that I have acquired since we moved into our new house!