The Prado Ladies

Somehow we always seem to match. 

My favorite ladies in the whole world. Boy did we all luck out, not only are we obsessed with each other but everyone’s wardrobe is automatically 3x bigger. This always helps when you are looking for cute outfits to quickly change into for vacation family photo opps. And somehow we still manage to color coordinate. Much better than our white Polo button-downs paired with True Religion crops 10 years ago. Eeek!


My parents headed to Rosemary Beach this past month to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary, and they were kind enough to let the kiddos tag along. There are so many of us now – 9 if you count spouses. Things can quickly multiple when you add aunts, uncles and cousins, so I can only imagine what it will be like once grandkids are around! We are literally going to have to be in a house that sleeps 20 to accommodate all the future chirren.


I was lucky to be able to make it to this years trip. My parents helped whisk me away last minute for a much needed few days away from work spent with family. Being at the beach is already amazing, then you add in 3 other Prado ladies and things get crazy! Mimsy Kimsy had the drinks under control, special ordering Tennessee flavored moonshine for everyone, which was unbelievably tasty. Jordy, our should-be-registered-weather-lady always has a book to pass off and an escape plan in mind, just in case the weather gets pesky on us. Emilee gives Pappa Doo a run for his money in the radio department by always requesting the newest tunes. New fun fact about both Em and Dad, they both have a hidden talent for beach paddle ball!

Great food, the best company and many more memories made at Rosemary Beach this year. I already can’t wait to go back. Thank you familia,  for always making our trips eventful, snack-filled, prosecco heavy and color coordinating. Love you all!


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