Oldie but goodie

You know…when you just can’t give something up.

Having just recently moved, I am trying a new zen like approach of “less is more.” Let me tell you, this is much harder than I could have ever imagined. I found myself having piles for summer options, winter maybes, too old to wear this – but I would like to have it for my future mini me, too big/small iffy’s and of course the I am sure I will wear it someday piles. Anyone guilty of this, please keep reading.

While practicing my zen outlook, I found this oldie, but goodie, and it has made its way back into my recent outfit rotation. I snatched this dress up circa 2007, while working at  The LA Mart and maximizing any wholesale discount I could get. This Citizen dress quickly became a favorite of almost every fashionable lady in the building, and I could’t even be mad about it. It is seriously so easy to throw on, super slimming and has an everlasting look that goes with anything.

Brunch in Dallas is a thing – the thing, in fact. I don’t wake up on a Saturday without a brunch place already in mind, preferably one with Mexican food and cheapy mimosas. You seriously never know where the day is going to take you, and I like to be comfy so I am ready for anything. Throwing on my black denim dress and pairing it with nikes, easy accessories and a bag with two carrying options gives me the flexibility I need to be out all day. My sneaks luckily can carry me through out the day whether we are bar hoping, stoping at home depot, or taking Cali for a walk on the trail.

Similar dress options here, here and here | Nike skate camo here, Nike Ultra here and Nike basic Roshe here | Balenciaga Purse here or All Saints similar

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