Always sweater weather

I’m always cold, get over it. 

Having lived the majority of my life constantly being cold, I keep a sweater in my car, on the back of my work chair, in my gym bag and I always have one for every travel occasion. Anyone else with me? No? Okay, I didn’t think so, but here I go anyways.

I had been constantly searching for the perfect oversized camo sweater after falling in love with a post on G’s Obsessions. Giuliana posted a Banjo & Matilda cashmere sweater that I swear could have solved all of my fashion needs right then and there. This Australian brand started in 2008, specializing in cool cashmere and luxury yarns.

Camo is a favorite of mine and I don’t actually believe this goes out of style. The style and technique of camo updates each season, making them interchangeable through out the years. But lately, I have seen camo and leopard blend artistically in offsetting pallets that make for inadvertent neutral pieces.

Since this Urban Outfitter’s sweater has a thick acrylic yarn but a loose make, I can throw it on any time of the year as the perfect layering piece. We had a chilly day last month while visiting my parents and thank goodness I had this with me! I threw it on over my white tee and I was able to enjoy wine on the patio with the fam without freezing. Then we went on a walk and I got hot. You win.

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Photos by: Emilee Prado 

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