My Must-Haves Registry

If you’ve been pregnant within the past 4 years – I have probably emailed you my “must haves” registry list at some point! SO, I figured it was time to put it somewhere more permanent 🙂 Some of y’all are new here and may not know, but I research EVERYthing and I mean EVERYthing. Another fun fact is that I don’t love stuff – whether it is unnecessary, extra, lying around, unused, etc – it has to go. Because of that, I really made sure to keep my prior, and current, registry super simple! Making sure that we have necessary items (and gadgets) that make our lives easier but without clutter. I partnered with Target to bring this registry post to life for y’all!

By partnering with Target, I was able to keep everything at one quick and easy location for y’all. Not only do they send you the cutest welcome kit, that is valued at more than $150 and can be picked up in-store or shipped to your home, but you also get a year of exclusive deals and a 15% off coupon that you can use towards any remaining registry items (8 weeks before baby’s expected arrival). Time to stock up on those must haves, and don’t forget the diapers! Enjoy, friends!

Here is my list! First off, I am SO sorry this is so long (to my 27 friends I emailed this to AND to the blog world), but I promise it is helpful! Most of these products are exactly what I used with Rory girl, or the new and improved version.  

I broke out each category as best as I could and I also went ahead and kept all of the nursing and postpartum care notes in here too. Hopefully this is not TMI for you (and now, the general public), but I was so happy that one of my best friends had the courage to tell me I needed all of these things my first go ‘round – seriously, without her I would have been SOL. Because of this, I was able to have it all at the house ahead of time and didn’t have to send anyone out after the fact.

Some of my friends have said this list saved their life, I know it saved mine. And if you aren’t worn out by reading my long AF email, turned registry post, put THIS BOOK in your cart for pick up. It helped answer so many of my questions while preggars.

Must Haves

DockATot: Life saver! Super comfy and so versatile. We found ourselves using this all over this house because it was so convenient and easy to use. Extra plus – the design and company was founded by a mom! Excited for this new girly DockATot Cover to spruce our older one up! 

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger: I am SO looking forward to having this product on hand for Baby Girl #2! So many friends have recommended this and it will be a great option to travel with or keep on the couch.

Hatch Sound Machine: Oddly enough, we noticed that Rory went to sleep faster when our heat was on, solely because of the noise it was making. So we quickly went out and grabbed this sound machine and nightlight in one. We still use it to this day and are so lucky someone got us another one for Baby Girl #2! 

Frida Humidifier: We keep a humidifier in every room in our house…trust me, once you do the same, you won’t go back. 

Infant Boppy + Nursing Boppy: I ended up getting both the nursing pillow and the infant pillow. Used the infant one every day until she grew out of it. I maybe only used the nursing one for myself maybe 2 times?! But I did use it for Rory when she started sitting up. She loved it once she got bigger and it helped teach her how to sit up.

Play Mat: Someone bought us the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing mobile, but I quickly found that she needed more stimulation and especially more color. Then I saw this one on a couple of friend’s pages and it was the BEST thing for her. She used it everyday for months straight. 

Baby Bumbo & Bumbo Infant Seat: Both of these were so great. We would prop Rory up on the counter so she could watch us cook dinner and then, eventually, try new foods and eat with us! 

Stokke High Chair: This is an item that we did NOT have for Rory and I wish we did! Looking forward to trying it out for Baby Girl #2, I have heard such great things and I love that it grows with your kiddo. 

Baby Bjorn Bouncer: I looked high and low for a simple bouncer – mostly because I was reminiscing about the one my mom used for all of us in the 80s and 90s -this was the closest I could find. AND, thank goodness I did! You will love this and so will your bebe, not to mention it folds up flat and is super easy to store. 

Baby Bjorn Carrier: Hands down, easiest carrier to use while traveling. I loved having the option for Rory to be inward or outward facing and it was adjustable for both my husband and I to wear interchangeably. 

Munchkin UV Sterilizer: I wish I would have had one of these 3 years ago! So excited to be able to just pop in a toy after Rory and Baby has dumped something into the trash can. Don’t judge me, it will happen to you, too. 

Munchkin Swing: Unfortunately, our swing that we used for Rory was discontinued, so I am eager to get this new Munchkin option! Super sleek and looks user friendly. 

Munchkin Mats: These mats have been so so great! I reordered them about 4 times. They are waterproof and I don’t feel guilty throwing them out when we have a big mess. They also save our nice diaper changing cover. But some moms use the in the crib, on play mats, etc. 

Diapers & Wipes (don’t forget the wipes!): Honestly, I would register for so many diapers in all different sizes and brands. After trying out a few, we ended up sticking with Pampers. They seemed to fit Rory the best and were always in stock! 

Baby Care

Vitamin D drops: You can begin giving these to baby immediately. 

Infant Motrin + Tylenol: You can’t give this until your Dr gives you a dosage (normally at baby’s 2 month apt after their shots). However it was helpful for me to already have these on hand so I didn’t have to run out when we needed them later on down the road. 

Gripe Water: Some people swear by this and use it often. We used it a handful of times and it has was a lifesaver! It helps especially with hiccups that are violent or keeping baby from sleeping. It is made with ginger, so super great for the digestive system. 

Gas Drops: We used these a few times as well, the little ones struggle SO much with gas and digestion right off the bat because their little tummies and systems are developing, and we would often hear Rory girl pushing and struggling. When it became too much for her, we would use these. 

Boogie Wipes: We seriously use these for EVERYTHING! Love love them. Register for a zillion, you can never have enough. 

Oogiebear: BEST product! My husband and I love this contraption. I could never bring myself to use or do the snot sucker, so this was a great solution! This in conjunction with a nasal bulb is that way to go.

Boogie Mist: Another random helpful item! This helped Rory when she was super dried up – especially while traveling. We would squirt it in and within a few minutes would get a great sneeze and any gunk would come out. I am pretty sure both my husband and I ended up using it a few times – it is just a saline water spray! 

Baby Rash/Aquaphor: So many people gave us diaper rash products that we didn’t register for. I did a lot of research and found that Aquaphor was recommended the most and even our pediatrician mentioned it without us asking. It seriously heals most rashies after one use! 

Baby Rash Applicator: BEST product! We even got the travel one. 

Frida Nail Clippers: A lot of people have commented on how hard it is to cut their nails. After using these, all of my fears were gone. It was amazing and is super easy to use because of the little window that allows you to see where you are clipping.  

Thermometer & Nursery Kit: You will want to have these on hand, never know when you will need items in here. 

Bath Time

Noodle & Boo Products: I have LOVED absolutely ALL of these products. We use the lotion, bath products and laundry items. The pediatrician even commented last week on how soft her skin is.

Bath Tub and Bath Mat: Rory has loved this bath tub and the bath mat and armrest make crouching over so much more bearable. 

Nursing Stuff

Milk Supply Vitamins: This helped keep my milk supply up! Recommended by a few friends and I loved it. There may be newer things out there but I will just stick with this! 

Nursing Tanks: Ordered a thousand of these the first go around and have already been wearing them.

Haaka: I found out about this way too late while breastfeeding and wish I had it to begin with. Excited to have this right off the bat this time around! 

Reusable Nipple Pads: Not necessary for everyone but I leaked constantly so I wore them all the time. Paper ones would scratch my nips so I would use these and wash. 

Nipple Cream: More like a gel than cream, but I loved it. Pair this with silicon nipple covers and it will feel like you are at a boob spa – trust me, you will thank me later. 


Bottle Warmer:This is the cutest little warmer! Takes up hardly any space on our counter and works like a charm! It fits to como tomo bottles we love! We used como tomo bottles and have seriously a zillion. 

Como Tomo Bottles: FYI there are diff flow sizes for their age as they get older, not everyone knows this. We used both the big and small bottles. 

Baby Brezza: Doesn’t hurt to have one of these on hand, you never know if you will end up needing it or not. You can return for up to a year if you don’t use it, but better to register for it! 

Burp Cloths:These are my absolute favorite! I buy a pack every time I am at Target – you can never have enough haha! Also loved to use these while nursing for leaking. 

EZPZ & Munckin Accessories: I know you will not actually be using these until much later, but I went ahead and registered for all kinds of cups, plates, utensils, etc. I wanted to have them prior to her needing them and not have to buy them. They are easy things that people added to their gifts because they were cute and low cost. Anything EZPZ is great. We reused these mats, spoons and cups like crazy. This brand and Munchkin got us through! 

Postpartum Care

Prenatal Vitamins: have additional packages of these on hand, these will help so much with your recovery, breastfeeding and overall health and energy. 

Mommy Frida Kits :A lot of people have switched over to this, now. It wasn’t available when I had Rory or else I would have probably tried it. If you don’t trust these kits, I have listed out things individually. I felt better having a massive supply of all of these things on hand, well because, you know I am a crazy lady and over prepare. 

Tucks: Soothing wipes that they give you in the hospital. Great to have already waiting for you at home, sometimes they are stingy at the hospital with giving you what you need for your home care.

Disposable Undies: Not the most flattering thing, but it was helpful to have these at home. I used them for about two weeks because my bleeding was so heavy. Better safe than sorry! 

Undies: I stocked up on these. Literally NO ONE told me that I should have a good amount of regular undies on hand. These were great to have, good quality and are on sale often! 

Now that you’ve made it to the bottom, enjoy these adorable pictures of my Rory girl and I opening some of our Registry gifts at our sprinkle!

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