Happiest Hour, Happiest Day!

Celebrating the happiest day of your life at Happiest Hour is truly the best. 


It was 12:30pm Tuesday December 22nd, I had off, and no one would hang out with me. Not a single soul. My best friends were dodging my phone calls, Chris was playing golf and my mom was too busy to have lunch with me. I ended up reading 200 pages in a book I loathed while watching the Yule Log on cable. Side note – the Yule log is insanely relaxing.

What felt like a zillion hours later, Chris comes home and we start getting ready for dinner and dancing with friends to celebrate being done with work for the year. I was weirdly in the best mood and Chris is sweating like a maniac. For most of you that know him, this is actually not unusual. No tell signs as of yet. Finally, we are all snazzed up and ready to go – time to hit the road (in our Uber of course).

While we are on our way, I get a call from Kate that they are running late because Calen got sucked in to a serious game of Call of Duty. No big deal. Chris says we should stop by Kylde Warren Park to check out the Christmas lights. Umm, amazing idea I am thinking. I love a good, cheesy Christmas lights sesh and at this point I still have no idea so many people were in on this. So we hop out at the park and we are walking, and we are walking, and we are walking. Surprisingly, the lights-to-people ratio was way off. We couldn’t get a clear selfie of us in front of the single lit tree if our lives depended on it.

Chris then leads us away from the hundred or so Christmas-light-seeing-goers and under a lit arch, then starts the speech.  You know, the speech that every little girl dreams of hearing when they are getting proposed to? Yes, that one! No more than 10 words in, the lovely park handy man begins rolling his trash cans in what seemed like a nonstop circle around us. We realize this crew was there to stay, so we make our way to a nearby bench and park it there. Said speech continues (it was amazing, trust me), waterworks commenced, a yes was in there somewhere and wahoo we are engaged!

For most people that would be it. You would finish your perfect night by calling your closest friends and family together to share the big news. What did we do? We still made our way to meet our friends for dinner and decided to call my parents on the way.

I had told Chris a few times, or maybe a ton of times, that the one thing I wanted was to be able to share the news with everyone all at the same time. I didn’t know how and I didn’t care where, I just had made up my mind that that was how it should be done. I had absolutely no idea he would actually do that…

As we walked in to Happiest Hour newly engaged we were immediately met with screams and cheers from over a hundred of our favorite people. The night followed with nonstop hugs, love, so many tears and lots and lots of prosecco.

We celebrated our engagement like there would be no tomorrow, with the Dallas skyline as our backdrop and with the most amazing people. We shut the place down.





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