Everyone needs a change

Somehow my change consisted of a 15 inch chop and lots and lots of bleach. 

While my new look appears to be drastic and life changing – I just realized I made the same (I say this loosely) move about 4 years ago. Maybe a little less bleach and a little less purple, but overall a  blonde lob.  Thank goodness this time around my bad a** miracle worker friend-slash-HAMU-icon had moved back to Dallas to focus on Beauty Dish Studios. I don’t think I could trust anyone else with my recent hair shenanigans.

I am sure Rey was sick of receiving inspirational picture texts from me on a monthly basis (see said inspo above). Every time I found anything along the lines of grey, silver, purple-I had to send it to him. 3 Years and 7 weddings later, we are still not grey.  A couple of weeks ago I texted Rey to see if it would be wildly insane to work weekly blow-outs into my budget (hopefully Chris isn’t reading this) and his immediate response was “I am in town this weekend, is it time to make you grey?” Finally, the day has come!

Please enjoy our ridiculous Instagram videos from the days, yes days, we spent together going grey. Don’t judge my late night video misspellings, it must have been the bleach seeping into my head.

Rey, as responsible and knowledgeable as he is, wanted me to forewarn anyone thinking about going down this path. If you have dark hair, be prepared for lots of bleach and multiple process sessions. For example, it took me 4 just to strip all of my color. On top of this, we have been working on a weekly basis to keep this chop its beautiful silvery color. In my opinion, so worth it, mostly because I get to drink prosecco and hang out with Rey while he does all of the hard work. Just kidding, I am in-love with this new look and it came at the perfect time!

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